Apr 3, 2009

About Me

I've started receiving a bit of traffic so I wanted to take a moment and say, "Welcome!". I also decided that this would be a great time to do an "about me" post. Here goes.....

Hi, My name is Jennifer. I have been married to my "highschool sweetheart" for 11 years and am a homeschool mom to our 5 children. I have always been a bargain shopper for as long as I can remember thanks to my Gram. I've always loved thrift stores and clearance racks!

Last year though, a job loss scare, which ended up a 40% pay decrease resulted in my learning all that I could about living on less money. I learned not only about finding bargains, but LIVING FRUGALLY. This lead me into the world of couponing, deal-seeking, and stockpiling.

I have learned a ton from some really great blogs out there and they have literally changed my life. I will forever be grateful! I did start getting a tad frustrated though, because alot of the frugalista's blogs were located in the Midwest, the East Coast, or the Deep South.

Up here in the "Pacific Northwest", we don't have stores that double our coupons. We don't get some of the great coupons in our Sunday inserts that other regions do. And, alot of us don't have a CVS. (I'm still in mourning...lol) So, I took my frustration and opened this website! My goal is to gather and help bring the deals to all of us in the PNW and the Western part of the United States in general.

You will find a list in my left sidebar of the categories and stores that I post for. If you don't see your favorite store listed, contact me and I might start listing for it!

Please feel free to leave any comments or give me a heads up on any errors or dead links. I strive to make sure that all of my information is correct, honest, and ethical. However, I am human and I do make mistakes!

You can also contact me at: thedealmom@hotmail.com to let me know of any great deals that you've come across. I'd love to share them with others!
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  1. Sounds great! Good luck on your site. I have been married for nearly 11 years, have 4 children (6 and under) and homeschool. Look forward to following your blog even though we live in Oklahoma and have 2 CVS within 2 MILES.

  2. Wow, TWO stores. I'm so jealous! LOL I do post CVS deals here because there are some western states like California that do have CVS'. Don't want them to feel left out! But we don't have the famouse Kroger, Dillons, Aldi,etc...that so many of the blogs talk about that double coupons. BUT, alot of us have Winco! It's hard to do matchups with them though because they don't put out an ad paper. I'd basically have to walk the aisles and write everything down, and I seriously don't have the time to do that! But, if I can help someone save money, that's what I'm here for.