Apr 20, 2009

My Great Deal this Weekend

So, this weekend I decided to go ahead and get my 5 kiddos their Spring/Summer clothes. I had a Value Savings Pass from Value Village that I've been filling up for a couple of months now that I've been saving up to use on this trip. When you fill up your Savings Pass, you get 30% off on your next purchase.

Here's what we got:

5 shirts + 5 shorts X 5 kids= 50 pieces of clothing.

We paid a total of $106 which equals out to $21.20 per child or $2.12 per article of clothing. These totals are after an 8.7% sales tax even. A fabulous deal in my book! If we were to have gone to Walmart and gotten their cheapest stuff which runs $4-$5 each piece we would have more than doubled the amount we spent!

They also filled up a new Savings Pass for us from the stuff we bought on sale. So, now Hubby and I can go in and get 30% off on our Summer clothes!

Consider hitting up the thrift stores and/or garage sales when you head out to do your Summer clothes shopping.

Your budget will thank you!
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