May 8, 2009

KFC Printable Coupon Alert!

I know it's late, but I just have to get this off my chest! You know the wonderful and VERY generous Free Meal coupons that KFC and Oprah put out this week? Well, because people got greedy with them, and things got out-of-control, KFC is no longer honoring them on the store level. They are requiring their customers to send them in with a form and KFC will then send a raincheck back for the free meal along with a free drink.

KFC was being generous in giving out completely FREE meals in the first place. 4 meals at that. Usually "bricks" coupons have a print limit of only 2. They were beyond generous! But, there were people out there that were printing out crazy numbers like 600 copies of the coupons! (Go to eBay and you'll probably find most of them for sale.) For people out there to completely take advantage of them in the manner that it was done, is just absolutely devoid of integrity.

Now, I know that there was a PDF file posted on for awhile, not sure what happened there, and it was a mistake anyways. But, there were many many cases of fraudulant PDF postings. It's really sad.

I believe that we should be good stewards of our money, and that we can, and should, take advantage of the legitimate offers that are out there. But, I will never knowingly post anything illegal or fraudulant on this website or even use it myself. (Please speak up and let me know if I accidentally do!) It is fraud. It is illegal. It is immoral. And, it will spoil the good deals for the rest of us who do things the right way!

Do you know how many people I had to turn away tonight because I couldn't accept their legitimate coupons? It made them mad and it made ME mad! I turned a whole family away who came to have a nice dinner for their family. They couldn't afford to buy a meal out for themselves and they ended up leaving. They missed out on it because of the greedy people that are out there!

Mercedes over at Common Sense With Money posted about coupon fraud just a couple of weeks ago. You can read her post HERE. She also has some links to websites where you can check to see if an internet printable coupon, or any coupon for that matter, is legal. I encourage you to visit her and read her article!

Alright, I can go to bed now!
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