Jun 9, 2009

Papa Murphy's: Free Medium Pizza

It looks like this was only available in certain states. I'm not sure exactly what states are participating though. Make sure you call your store ahead of time before texting for the coupon. I am so sorry for the mixup!

You will get a free medium pizza coupon from Papa Murphy's when you text MURPHY to #686868. Shortly after you text, they will text you back a coupon that expires on 6/30. You show the coupon to the cashier when you go it and they'll give you a free pizza!
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  1. So how exactly do you show them your coupon. I called the Papa Murphy's on Spraque and Evergreen and they said if I can print something out and hand it to them they would honor it. Texting you would not be able to get anything to print.. right? Thanks for your help

  2. Carrie,

    From what I understand, you show them the text message on your cell phone. Arby's had a similar thing going awhile ago with their new FruiTeas.