Aug 3, 2009

Albertsons: SWEET Deal on Ragu!

It looks like the coupon isn't available anymore.

There is a new promo running at Albertsons from 8/2 to 8/8 where if you spend $30 on participating products you'll receive a $15 Catalina back! The $30 is BEFORE any coupons.

Here is one scenario that I came across today:

Buy (18) Ragu @ $1.67
Use (9) $1/2 printables IE or FF
Use (3) doublers
Spend $18.00 oop
Receive $15.00 Catalina
Net Price: $3.00 or $.17 each!

I'd act quickly on these as there are currently no print limits on the coupons and I don't know how long they'll last!!! I'll bring more scenarios for the promo as soon as I can.
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  1. I went to Albertsons today and tried this and it didn't work- I was told by multiple people including the store manager that it was not $30 before coupons it was after because it's the Catalina machine that registers the end total and then prints out after your receipt prints out at the end. You have to spend $30 to get the $15 print outs (which come out in increments of $5) and then you can do multiple transactions with rolling catalinas, but you do have to spend the $30 first.

  2. Beth,

    I'm sorry you had problems at the store today. The response that you got from the store manager is a typical response that people will get when their catalina won't print. That is because they really don't know what to do when that happens! This is not a correct reason as to why it didn't print. The cat machine does not read your total at the end of a transaction like they told you. It reads your subtotal. When you submit coupons, they are essentially like cash or credit, just another form of tender. They are not a "discount" on the price of an item.

    If you purchased products that are part of the promotion and your catalina didn't print, you can always call catalina directly and they'll send it to you. Their number is 1 888-8COUPON.

    Hope this helps you!

  3. I purchased the Ragu at my Albertsons store and the catalina did not print. I went to the customer service counter and she looked at my receipt - she said the Ragu was not working like it should be. Some how she was able to print my catalina from the register at customer service. She was very nice (and excited when I gave her the names of a few couponing web sites).